About The AT Voice

The AT Voice stands for ‘The Assistive Technology Voice.’

The AT Voice website is a hub for assistive technology news, views and events, with new content updated every season.

Inspired by and created for UK-based professionals working with disabled students in higher education, The AT Voice gives a voice to the issues, news and opinions of the people working on the front line of the sector every day.

Offering one source of everything DSA sector professionals need to know, The AT voice brings you assistive software launches, needs assessor and NMH interviews, DSA workshops, national event announcements and much more.

Seasonal content

You can view content for each season by visiting our Seasonal Edition Index page and selecting the edition you want to view. This will give you all the news stories, views articles and events that were reported on at that time.

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If you are a disability needs assessor, study skills tutor, AT trainer, disability support officer, or any other non-medical helper supporting disabled students with learning in higher education, you’ve come to the right place! We also want to hear from you – find out the best ways to get in touch by visiting ‘Contact The AT Voice’.

Further information

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