Invate updates standard laptop with free SSD and 1TB HDD for every student

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Invate launches FREE SSD and 1TB HDD for every Invate student

Invate’s workhorse laptop has been updated as of 12th June 2019 to include:

  • Free 128GB internal Solid State Drive,

  • 1TB internal hard drive,

  • All on a high quality HP G7 laptop.

HP G7 laptop

We spoke to Invate General Manager Andy Gough about this development:

“At Invate we care about personalising learning. In order to create the best AT experience for our students, we want to ensure we provide quality laptops that have enough speed, storage and memory to begin with.

“As of today, we will be supplying a better workhorse laptop to ensure we always meet student needs without any additional cost to the student.”

“We care about personalising learning.”

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Are you a needs assessor with a technical question?

Invate has also launched a free support service for needs assessors called ‘Just Ask’.┬áDSA needs assessors can email technical queries to and a member of their support team will reply with their advice as soon as possible.



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