Present Pal develops its support for assessors – and they need your views!

Presentation support software Present Pal has announced the release of a new downloadable justification guide, plus DSA needs assessors can also have their say on shaping Present Pal’s additional resources.

As a newly approved DSA software, Present Pal is now being recommended for students with a vast range of disabilities and mental health conditions. The team behind Present Pal has been working towards ensuring that needs assessors are fully supported with accessible and invaluable resources throughout the DSA process.

With student statistics, software comparisons and disability related justifications, Present Pal tells us their new justification guide is designed to offer everything an assessor needs to write a DSA quote.

Present Pal is also asking for your help to guide their next release of assessor resources, which will be available to access and download for free through their dedicated assessor page. They’ve developed a short survey (this won’t take longer than two minutes to fill out) which will help to make their resource pack as useful as possible:

Founder and CEO of Present Pal Chris said “We have realised that every needs assessor has their own individual routine for showcasing assistive software to students and we want to ensure that our online materials cater to the needs of everyone. By offering a digital resource pack, assessors can access and download the materials which are most beneficial for their working style, whether that’s a short video clip or an informative handout!”

Present Pal’s efforts to reform their assessor resources will also involve the announcement of a new webinar series, including collaborations with Medincle and 1-2-1 ‘Assessor Sessions’. Stay tuned!


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