What’s it like to be an AT trainer? The results of the views you shared are in.

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The AT Voice launched a survey at the end of 2018 to find out what AT trainers felt about their job and how the AT training landscape in the UK looked like at that time.

The most compelling of responses were the open-ended answers where AT trainers talked about their passion for the job and their passion for assistive technology. It’s true that of all the trainers who responded, everyone was inspired to work in the field because of a personal desire to help people. Check out some anonymous snippets of feedback below!

“I was a DSA student… and I wanted to make a difference”

“I wanted to empower students to use AT”

 “I love making a difference to people’s lives”

 “I saw myself making a difference in education and the way we deal with disabilities”

“Love training and helping people succeed”

“The opportunities it provides vulnerable people”

Interestingly, most respondents were early on in their career with more than 50% working less than five years as a trainer, but more than 50% were also training over 150 students a year.

Trainers were less confident in training in JAWS, Essay Writer and Dolphin Supernova, but most confident in training in Read&Write, ClaroRead, Inspiration and Dragon. Respondents had lots to say about their favourite assistive software, see some of the comments below!

“Dragon still blows my mind”

“Read&Write has something everyone can make use of”

“Inspiration is so simple yet so effective”

“Dragon is the future! I love the reaction this gets from students”

“Audio Notetaker is so helpful for students struggling with their lectures”

“Mindview is completely flexible and intuitive”

“Sonocent! I love the user friendly layout”

Here’s the results of the AT Trainer survey in graphical display

chart showing how results written below

How many years have you worked as an AT Trainer?

  • Less than five years: 56.52%
  • Five to ten years: 34.78%
  • More than ten years: 8.70%

bar chart displaying the results written below

How many DSA students on average do you train per year?

  • Less than 50: 13.04%
  • 50 to 100: 17.39%
  • 100 to 150: 17.39%
  • Over 150: 52.17%

bar chart displaying results written below

Which computer operating system do you mostly train on?

  • Windows: 39.13%
  • Mac: 0%
  • Both: 60.87%

Thank you to everyone who responded

As a thank you to everyone who responded to our survey, we automatically entered you all into our prize draw to win £100 Amazon voucher. A name was drawn and the winning respondent has been contacted, be sure to check your emails from hello@theatvoice.com to see if it was you!


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