New MindManager release for Mac

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To follow up on their 2019 Windows release, information visualization software pioneer MindManager recently launched MindManager 12 for Mac. This release brings a host of new features and visualization capabilities to support disabled students in a Mac environment.

As a recap, MindManager is designed to support a visual learning style, using a combination of digital visual management and the streamlined sharing of information. Over 65% of the population are visual learners, and MindManager strives to cater to this majority in a way that is faster and simpler than many traditional learning platforms.

Why should DSA students use MindManager?

MindManager’s “virtual whiteboard” format lets students quickly capture ideas and data, fluidly organize and reorganize it right in front of their eyes and communicate it in an instantly clear and meaningful way. By allowing students to think and communicate visually, MindManager unlocks student potential in a way that may not be possible in other formats.

Some of the key benefits of intuitive, dynamic and structured visualization include:

  • Better note taking
  • More powerful presentations
  • Effective research
  • Efficient workflows
  • Faster and clearer understanding of concepts
  • Ability to draw connections between topics, chapters and concepts

MindManager 12 for Mac takes visual learning to the next level, allowing Mac-savvy students to work and learn in their preferred environment.

“MindManager 12 for Mac reflects our ongoing commitment to hearing and meeting Mac users’ needs with tools that help them think, work, and innovate at the highest levels,” says Michael Deutch, Vice President of Products, MindManager. “This version not only delivers on native capabilities, but introduces extensive features that empower users to experience new levels of creativity and insight, and uncover the hidden possibilities in their work.”

Mac-specific features for DSA students

The new Mac software from MindManager comes equipped with a host of powerful new features to help streamline and improve visual learning. Two particularly useful additions for DSA students in MindManager 12 for Mac include Dark Mode and Touch Bar Support.

Dark Mode Support

Visual learning involves working in an environment that helps students reach their full potential. That means the look, feel, and functionality of the platform should be flexible enough to accommodate each student’s specific needs.

To achieve this flexibility, MindManager 12 for Mac includes support for Dark Mode. Students can now switch between a traditional Mac environment and Dark Mode, giving them greater flexibility in how they work and visualize their information. Dark Mode support lets students customize and optimize their menus and icons, helping to eliminate distractions, reduce eyestrain, and keep learning material at the centre of attention.

gif showcasing Mindmanager in dark mode

Touch Bar Support

While many people can rely solely on a digital platform for learning, there are those who would also benefit from a more tactile approach to working with their information. MindManager 12 for Mac caters to these tactile learners with the new Touch Bar support.

Available for Macbook Pro users with Touch Bar capabilities, this new feature lets students work efficiently and intuitively in a way that a mouse and keyboard alone can’t mimic. Students can now add themes and topics, export files, input text and data, and manipulate the structure of their maps using pre-programmed buttons and predictive text. This is particularly beneficial to students who would benefit from a more simplified and tactile approach to working with their learning materials.

gif showing MindManager touch bar support

Other features included in MindManager 12 for Mac

  • NEW SmartRules: Go beyond conditional formatting to transform maps from simply representing processes and workflows to driving and accelerating them. Automatically trigger changes, not only in topic look and feel, but in actual topic data, by writing rules that change topic icons, tags, properties, progress status, and priority markers.
  • NEW Objects and Smart Shapes: Enrich, clarify, and expand what can be accomplished with MindManager thanks to 12 new objects and Smart Shapes. Group topics to distinguish areas of importance, or combine customisable Smart Shapes and objects to build new templates and diagram types that support your unique objectives.
  • NEW Match Width: Ensure your audience is focused on your presentation’s content, instead of its structure. Standardise topic width to create more readable and engaging presentations.
  • NEW HTML5 Export & Publish with Filtering: Move projects and conversations forward by seamlessly sharing maps that are easier for people to navigate and understand. Filter exported and published maps based on icons, tags, resources, and more.
  • NEW Templates: Explore 15 new templates including Kanban, funnel and matrix diagrams, schedule and free form maps, and more.
  • NEW Theme Designs: Choose from 40+ stunning new visual themes that feature fresh colors and modern fonts. Transform your map’s look, feel, and tone with a single click, and effortlessly switch themes to engage different audiences.

Get your free MindManager trial

Head to the official MindManager product page for full product details and to download a free trial.

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