What’s it like to be an AT Trainer? Tell us for a chance to win £100 Amazon voucher

The AT Voice has launched a campaign to find out what it’s like being an AT trainer.

In pursuit of our core purpose to amplify DSA professionals’ voices, we want to hear all about your role as an AT trainer. Everything from the best part of the job, to your favourite AT software, and even what you want for the future of the sector.

Any AT trainer that completes the survey is automatically entered into our prize-draw to win a £100 Amazon voucher, giving you the perfect opportunity to update your equipment or treat yourself to something special for your dedication to the job.

Highlights from our new AT trainer survey will be published here on TheATVoice.com in February 2019, for you to share, discuss and feel inspired by.

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Complete the five-minute survey here and enter the £100 Amazon voucher prize draw:

at trainer

CLICK here or on the icon above to head to the survey. 

This is our first ‘AT Voice Survey’ and the aim is to run this annually to create a timely picture of the sector, which we can benchmark year-on-year. Based on the success of this inaugural survey we would then roll out a dedicated AT Voice Survey for each of the various job roles based in the DSA sector.

Visit us back here in February 2019 to hear about what the survey told us about being an AT Trainer.

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