Present Pal launches content for needs assessors

Presentation software Present Pal has launched an entirely new website this month with a dedicated area for disability needs assessors. This area of the website includes a downloadable justifications sheet, a free lifetime licence, plus, you can also sign up for one-to-one training sessions with a Present Pal trainer.

Present Pal is a presentation support software which helps students to deliver a more confident and prepared presentation. The App launched earlier this summer, when it was also featured in the inaugural AT Voice newsletter.

Present Pal was created in accordance with expert dyslexia research to ensure that the features of the App were optimized for SpLD users. Read on to find out about the main features of Present Pal.

Why get a free licence?

We asked Present Pal to give us five main features of Present Pal that needs assessors and NMHs should try for themselves:

  • Interactive Flashcards: Present Pal works on your smartphone or tablet like a set of interactive flashcards. The presentation App displays no more than 3-5 key bullet points on the screen at once, breaking down the information of a script. This is the suggested optimum level of detail per page for someone who is dyslexic. Present Pal notes can be typed via the keyboard or can be entered via speech-to-text.

  • Magnified Scroll: Present Pal guides users through their presentation with the current bullet point appearing significantly larger than the others around it; helping users to resume their place once they have made eye contact with their audience. This feature also allows users to see their presentation’s structure clearly and to anticipate what comes next, supporting their processing skills.

present pal

  • Pop Up Bubbles: Pop up bubbles act as a safety net to store extra information and images that the presenter may otherwise have forgotten. For example, if the presenter begins to stutter and forgets what they intended to say during their presentation, they can simply tap on the ‘pop up’ icon to access extended notes or images to trigger their memory. Pop up bubbles were ranked as the number one feature by students with SpLDs in Present Pal’s University of Glasgow study.
  • Personalisation Features: Users can personalise their visual stress options by choosing from colour overlays and fonts. Overlay colours are proven to significantly improve reading speed and comfort and fonts such as Open Dyslexic were specifically designed to ease reading difficulties for people with SpLDs. With a choice of 11 colour overlays, 8 fonts and an option to reduce or enlarge font size, users can personalise the App to decide which options give them the least visual stress.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Integration: Present Pal has the ability to link with the user’s desktop through a mobile hotspot to retrieve existing PowerPoint files. This link allows PowerPoint content to be transferred across to the user’s smartphone or tablet. Present Pal’s integration with PowerPoint also allows the user to fully control their slides, alike a clicker.

Book a free one-to-one session with a Present Pal trainer.

If you want to try Present Pal for yourself and get expert guidance whilst you do so, book your free Zoom training session with a Present Pal trainer here.

Keep checking back on our events page as Present Pal and Medincle are planning to host a joint webinar in early 2019. This will offer live product demonstrations and CPD certificates for all attendees – the confirmed date is coming soon!

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