e-Quality Learning recruits for seven additional trainers to meet nation-wide demand for personalised learning

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Assistive technology training provider e-Quality Learning has recruited two new trainers in Devon and North Wales, with plans to recruit a further five.

Increasing demand for e-Quality Learning’s personalised approach to AT training has led to a recruitment drive across the country.

The national AT training provider is also looking to recruit five new trainers in the areas of Norwich, Cambridge, Essex, Aberdeen and York, all of whom will undertake e-Quality Learning’s new quarterly induction programme.

Rachel Poulson from Plymouth in Devon and Tracey Valliere-Evans from Bangor in North Wales both joined the e-Quality Learning team in October and were the first to go through the AT Trainer Academy.

The newly launched induction programme, known as the AT Trainer Academy, includes the company’s approach to personalised training, as well as training on the most popular AT software and will run every quarter to prepare new trainer recruits before meeting their learners.

e-Quality Learning Strategic Relationship Manager Chris Collier said: “Our focus on personalised learning has always been at the core of our company values. The new AT Trainer Academy gives our new team members the confidence to deliver tailored training that engages the individual learner and, most importantly, helps the learner go on to achieve their goals.

“Our learners consistently attend over 78% of their total sessions recommended.”

“Across 2018, our learners have consistently attended over 78% of their total sessions recommended by an assessor. We know this is much higher than the sector average, and we also know this is because of the focus our trainers have in delivering a personalised learning experience that meets the individual’s needs and keeps them engaged in their training programme.”

With the additional five recruits, e-Quality Learning will have a total of 50 trainers across the UK, all of whom can deliver training on-site at the learner’s preferred location, or online via a video call and interactive screen-sharing, giving the learner more flexibility for bookings.

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Tracey Valliere-Evans

e-Quality Learning Trainer Tracey Valliere-Evans said: “I wanted to become an AT trainer to give something back. For people who are studying degrees and have barriers to learning – it can knock their confidence. I look forward to helping my learners believe that they can achieve and to remember that if there’s an obstacle, there’s always a way around it.”

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Rachel Poulson

e-Quality Learning Trainer Rachel Poulson said: “I’ve always known since a young age that I wanted to pursue a career that would help people. Working one-to-one with students and knowing I have helped affect their future career is something that I really look forward to with pride. I want to see my students take every opportunity they are offered while at uni and to aim for that first, not just a 2.1 or a 2.2 – to go for gold, because with the right support it can be achievable.”

“I want my students to take every opportunity offered, and to go for gold.”

The next e-Quality Learning AT Trainer Academy is running in January. If you are interested in applying for any of the five areas (Norwich, Cambridge, Essex, Aberdeen and York) the company is looking to recruit in, please click here for full job details.

e-Quality Learning was started by a former DSA student, Chris Quickfall, who wanted to improve services and products for other DSA students. You can read more about the group by clicking here.

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