Learning Labs and Partners Webinar Series: December 2018

DSA webinar

Learning Labs is running a second webinar series in December in partnership with AT publishers Present Pal, MindView and EquatIO, after releasing a total of seven new and updated Labs in its portal.

assistive software webinar

The webinar content includes:

  • A 15-minute demonstration of each of the partners’ software.
  • Live Q&A – you can ask anything to any of the publishers.
  • Exclusive insight into future development plans for Learning Labs.
  • CPD certificates are sent post-webinar to all attendees.

The webinars will run on Monday 17th December 2018 with two slots to choose from, or you can attend both if you wish.

The webinars should run to around 45 minutes and no longer than one hour.

Learning Labs also ran a highly sought after webinar series in November, and has shared the questions asked by needs assessors from the live Q&A, which you can read here: ‘All your questions about e-learning portals answered.’


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