e-Quality Learning releases stats in a bid to raise sector standards

Leading assistive technology training provider, e-Quality Learning, is sharing its internal stats in an effort to spark debate and ultimately improve standards for AT training across the sector.

e-Quality Learning share their stats each month on social media via their eQL Way infographic and we have included the latest updates below.

e-Quality Learning Training Development Manager Leanne Redshaw said: “Something we are particularly proud of is our learners are consistently attending over 75% of their recommended number of sessions this year. Our focus on delivering tailored training for each individual learner helps them to keep engaged with their training and get the most out of their recommendations. Plus, the learner testimonials we see each month show us real life examples of just how effective AT training can be at helping them achieve their goals.”

e-Quality Learning Training Manager Sam Laidlaw said: “We are always trying to dig a little deeper and understand a little more about how we can create the best outcomes for our learners. Measuring as many aspects as possible helps us to improve our processes, customer service and the quality of our training.”

Below, you can view the progress of their stats for the past three months or click here to understand more about ‘the eQL Way’.

You can also follow e-Quality Learning on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest updates on the eQL Way.

eQL Way

eql way

eql way

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