DSA Discovery with Chris Collier: New Tech for Hard of Hearing

Each month Chris Collier brings us his favourite discovery from the DSA sector. 

Chris Collier is Strategic Relationship Manager for Invate, e-Quality Learning and Learning Labs. Chris’ role involves developing professional partnerships with assessors, assessment centres and HEIs to provide sound advice and value. Prior to this, Chris was a freelance needs assessor and Associate Director of Contact Associates.

New technology for Hearing Impaired students

Many of us are familiar with the Phonak Roger pen as an assistive listening device for use in lectures and one-to-one situations. Phonak have recently brought out the Roger Select microphone, specifically designed for use in groups such as tutorials or seminars. It incorporates three individual microphones to ensure a 360-degree listening experience, and using MultiBeam technology you can select up to 6 different directions when laid flat on a table to truly be able to listen to what is important. It is battery-powered so no cables are needed.

The really clever part is that the Select can still be used as an individual microphone clipped on to a lecturer’s clothing or hung around their neck. Utilising accelerometers (think of the technology in your smartphone that turns the screen round when you tilt it!), the Roger Select senses when it is upright and mutes the other microphones so that only the speaker’s voice is picked up, rather than all the background noise.

More information on the Roger radio aid systems can be found by clicking here: Roger Select.


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