DSA Discovery with Chris Collier: EquatIO Mobile App

Each month Chris Collier brings us his favourite discovery from the DSA sector. 

Chris Collier is Strategic Relationship Manager for Invate, e-Quality Learning and Learning Labs. Chris’ role involves developing professional partnerships with assessors, assessment centres and HEIs to provide sound advice and value. Prior to this, Chris was a freelance needs assessor and Associate Director of Contact Associates.

EquatIO Launches its Mobile App

“As a big fan of EquatIO, I was excited to find out that their mobile app has gone live and is included with the desktop software. This means that students can take a photo of handwritten equations or draw these on their smartphone or tablet and then import them directly into Word to edit as text. Previously, I was recommending a USB graphics tablet so that students without a touchscreen laptop (pretty much all of them) could achieve this! If you are assessing or supporting students on maths or engineering courses, or any course that requires the manipulation of equations, it is well worth having a look at the two minute video at the top of this page to find out more.”


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