BATA Summit Update – 24 July 2018


Antony Ruck, Chair of BATA gives us an update on the news from the recent BATA Summit:

Quality Assurance of Needs Assessments
The Department for Education (DfE) and the DSA-QAG are introducing a new needs assessment auditing system. Quality assurance officers will be reviewing reports and assessment centres will need to demonstrate how any required improvements will be met.

A new online portal for creating needs assessment reports is also in development. The system is currently being tested and is due out at the end of November accompanied by guidance notes and training sessions.

Continuing the Battle against the £200 Charge
Latest figures show a 62% drop in the number students ordering their equipment after having had a needs assessment.

The Shadow Minister for Disabilities Marsha de Cordova is bringing the issue to light in the House of Commons and will be engaging in any related events in a bid to keep the conversation moving. De Cordova has also written to the Minister asking for the policy to change or, at the least, for a meeting to discuss further.

Accreditation for Trainers
With over 230 assistive technology trainers in England and Wales, BATA is keen to put forward a proposal for official trainer accreditation that could include AT software courses and certification. The idea also includes an online register of accredited trainers and individual software expertise.

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